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"We can run the ones or you can box the 40" is a lyric taken straight out of the song "Box the 40" which is one of three releases solo tracks underground artist Karrahbooo has on streaming services. It seems like Karrabooo has come out of nowhere. Lil Yachty has been on an incredible run this year, with his album and the numerous singles he has released. A few weeks ago Yatchy and his concrete crew took to the platform ON THE RADAR and performed a collective freestyle which say karrahbooo as the clear standout. Her freestyle, which was taken from her single "Box The 40" has sparked a spike in her popularity which has many people wondering who and where she came from. 

Karahabooo, whose real name is Karrah Schuster, has not been rapping for a long time. She's barely in the first beginning years of her rap career. Her introduction to the idea of rapping started during her time as Yachty's assistant and watching him do voice-over work for a movie. As she has stated on Lil Yachty's "A Safe Space" podcast and in her personal interviews, she was inspired to rap because of Yatchy's achieving career. "He had to go do voiceovers for this movie and I was like he has been in hella movies because he is a rapper and that's when I decided to be a rapper because it was my way to be an actress." So Yatchy proceeded to fire her from his assistant position then recorded her song "Money Counter'

"booted up at 7 am at @tivafox apartment with my friends @crackcobain__ @Ksace_ and wanted to try making my first song. I was just tryna rhyme my thoughts at that moment lol."

Karrahbooo's sounds is essentially in line with this new wave Yatchy and his team have been on lately. She is currently working on building her discography, even though nothing concrete has been announced. 

In recent years, there has been a remarkable surge in the prominence and influence of female rappers within the music industry. Breaking through traditional gender norms, these talented artists have been making waves with their powerful lyrics, distinct styles, and unapologetic authenticity. From established icons to emerging talents, the diversity among female rappers has contributed to a dynamic and multifaceted landscape in hip-hop. Not only are these artists challenging stereotypes they are also delivering exceptional music that resonates with a broad audience. Their lyrical prowess, unique perspectives, and innovative approaches to production have garnered widespread acclaim, reshaping the narrative of what defines success in the rap genre. As the industry continues to embrace and celebrate the contributions of female rappers, Karrahbooo's impact on the cultural and artistic landscape is going to be undeniable, ushering in a new era of inclusivity and creativity in hip-hop.


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