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Young Sweets releases video for "Fallen"

Written by: Elijah David

Photography off Instagram

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Bakersfield rapper Young Sweets finds himself reminiscing on his past love life in his new video for his song "Fallen". "Fallen", directed by ZIGMEDIA finds Sweets walking through his hometown speaking about a special lady, "I'm slipping falling can't get up/ I like where this is going she don't be in nobody face on social media hoein". Sweets sites, “That specific song, it took me back to when I was in a relationship/ imagining getting to know a girl on on a higher magnitude” as the meaning of the song but credits “whenever I make music I try to think of situations that I’ve overcame or been through that someone from out of country can relate to it“ as the inspiration and ideas behind all his music.

"Fallen" is but a small part of a larger project that was released back in Aug 22, 2022, The Genesis 2 (Deluxe). Young Sweets has been working hard on making a name for himself in the streets of Bakersfield and it’s been a successful journey so far. If by now you haven’t heard of him then you’re welcome. You aren’t going to want to miss what he has coming up next. Checkout the video for "Fallen" below and stream The Genesis 2 (Deluxe) here.

Notable Lyrics

I’m all black tho/ lyrics that I speak in my rhymes is all facts tho

not anybody can say that they had me it’s no cap tho/

yea I make music I rap but never lack tho/

let me take you on a ride Battlefield, CA/

let me take you on a ride.

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