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Where O' Where is K.Dot Going?

By now most of us should have been able to cope with the news that Kendrick Lamar is leaving his home label of TDE. The news was broke by Kendrick after months of being absent from social media. The LA legend resurfaced to announce his retirement from the label and his collaboration with his cousin, Baby Keem in the form of a new verse for Keem’s new song “Family Ties.” While the song is amazing fans are still speculating on whether or not this is Kendrick Lamar secretly announcing his retirement from rap altogether or if there is a bigger monster at play.

Personally I think we are likely to see two more albums from him and that's it. He already claims that he has one more album on his contract with T.D.E; however I think we are seeing a metamorphasis in Kendrick’s career. Most rappers of his caliber have their own labels and have made substantial business moves. J. Cole has Dreamville, he is a pro baller and a family man. Drake has OVO, a clothing line and is a family man. They both have numerous deals outside of rap. As of today Kendrick is still a signed label rapper. He has a few shoe collaborations, but those really didn't go anywhere. I believe Kendrick is slowly removing himself from the title of rapper, to the title of business man.

Now this can go one of two ways. It would not come as a surprise if we see a headline that states, “Punch has sold half ownership of TDE to former label signee Kendrick Lamar”. It was only make sense that Kendrick take some of the responsibly of the label that put him and his homies (Black Hippy) on. However, it has been confirmed that Kendrick, along with Dave Free, is starting his own sort of entertainment conglomerate named, pgLang. It also seems like Baby Keep is involved in some form as he has shared images and a link on his instagram page in the past. From what I can tell there has not been much public movement on pgLang, but I am sure that once Kendrick has fulfilled his contractual obligations with his label, we will witness what is PgLang.

What are you thoughts on the Kendrick Lamar announcing his leave from Top Dawg

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