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West 4 Prez

So I think it is about time I give you guys the answer to the question that has been asked of me pretty much all year. Yes, I would vote for Kanye West for President. Now I know that does not come to a shock to a lot of you that know me and I know the rest of you are asking why would anyone vote for him and yada yada yada yada.. I don’t really care for the reasons you have for why you would not vote for him. I am simply here to give you my top five reason on why I would vote for him.

[DISCLAIMER] I did not vote for him, he is on the ballot but only for Vice President. I do not want Kanye as my Vice President.


I am going to start with this point first because let’s be honest it is the weakest. The requirements to be President set by the American people are simply three things:

1. Must be at least 35 years old

2. Must be an American citizen

3. Must have lived in the USA for 14 years.

That’s it! That’s all it takes to be President, no where does it say that you need to have prior experience. [ I know what you are thinking and I agree, we need to change this or literally anyone who has enough money could easily run and win..*cough cough*.

4. Representation.

One of the main ideals of government is representation. The reason we elect officials is for them to be able speak for us and make decisions that essentially govern us. Trump and Biden do not represent me. They do not know what it is like to be broke and not know how you are going to get to work that day. They do not know what it is like to not have health insurance, to have to be careful to not get sick because if you get sick then what are you going to do. They do not know what it is is like being black in America, to be in poverty in America, to be a minority in America. They will never be able to speak for me. I am not saying that Billionaire Kanye West is the perfect person to represent me, but he has to live as a black man in America, he has lived through poverty before so he has more of a grasp on what I go through on a daily basis.

3. Other Candidates.

Look at the other people running. I don’t need to elaborate this any further. The two leading candidates are both racist, white men who are clearly way too old to be making decisions for the whole world. We really need to cap how old someone can be to run for office. How are we going to have an 85 year old white man makes decision that will last well after the maybe 6 years he has to live. Thats ludicrous. This election has been made into a joke because at this point the only tactics that are being used is mudslinging. These candidates are essentially just defacing their opponents character with the hopes of making themselves seem to be the better candidate.

2. Accomplishment

Let’s take a look at everything this man has accomplished. He is one of the most decorated artist ever. I am not going to list everything, but he has 21 Grammies. That is the second most any hip hop artist has ever won. He was able to turn Adidas into a billion dollar company after saying ten years prior that he wanted to be the driving factor behind a billion dollar company. He accomplished everything he has ever said. He owns a very successful clothing line, and probably the most popular shoe model since the Jordan. This man is always breaking the patina of what people say he can accomplish, and I do not see why this would be any different. I mean considering who is in office now.

1. Potential

Kanye recently went onto the Joe Rogan Podcast where he was asked question about his presidential run and what he planned on accomplishing if he was to be elected. There was one thing that stood out to me and this is the number reason reason why I would vote for Kanye. Before I touch on the reason I want to acknowledge the recent label troubles that Kanye has been going through and what he was/is willing to do to change them not only for himself but for everyone in the industry. During the podcast Kanye talks about him being a visionary and recognizing the flaws in certain systems and have the need to change them and correct them. That would translate into politics, more specifically the constitution, which was never made for African American. It was literally made while we were property. You telling me that if Kanye was not president he would not try to re write the constitution. Even him just mentioning it is enough for me.

I want to remind you that these are reasons why I WOULD VOTE FOR KANYE. You are more than welcome to your opinion, which is different than mine. If you are open minded enough and willing to sit through an interview that’s three hours long I recommend watching this. I promise you will see this man in a new light after watching this.

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