We've Never Been To California

Words: E.Z.

Photography: FriendswithBeats

Album: "We've Never Been To California"

Artist: FriendsWithBeats & Johnny Fecsko


The Westcoast is often referred to in music as being this wondrous place, from the beaches and gold paved streets of Southern California to the scenery of Northern California. There are countless songs where California is referred to as myth, such as "it never rains in Southern California". It has become normal for Non Californians to create these fantastical ideas of what California is like through music. Today I introduce you to something similar yet a little different. East coast artists FriendsWithBeats and Johnny Fecsko have never traveled to this side of the coast before so to commemorate their inevitable trip to California they have put together an album of an assortment of beats that represent what life is like in California.

Just as some music has painted this fantastic view of what California is like , the state has its fair share of demonization through music as well. This tape takes sort of an innocent approach to the idea of what living in California is like. The tape is titled, "We've Never Been To California" and is 12 beats long. The concept is definitely an original idea in the sense that they are contextualizing living/visiting in California through strictly beats from an outside viewpoint and I 100% support it.

Each beat is not only titled after common themes of a California lifestyle, such as " Palm Trees and Jewelry Stores", "Broken Windows and Sirens" and "Dirty Sk8r Kidz" they're meant to sonically represent their respective themes. My personal favorite track is "Broken Windows and Sirens" perfectly represent the feelings of despair but from this optimistic standpoint. The beat starts off in this dramatic yet uplifting tone. Sort of reminds me of kids playing outside during the summer as someone sits by a window trying to get cool as a breeze soars by. The second half of the beat drastically picks up pace representing the sirens, a complete shift of what the listeners feel during the first half.

I seriously suggest you give the tape a listen, as a Californian myself I find myself fact checking each beat, really asking myself if the titles and beats give a correct depiciton of a Californian lifestyle. If you interested in giving the tape a listen HERE is the link. Make sure to follow @friendwithbeatsofficial and @Johnnyfecsko for more music.