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We All Get Ghosted Eventually.

It seems like more and more hip hop artists are moving further and further away from wanting to be classified as "rapper". I don't blame them, the term "rapper" has become a tool to limit the expectations and qualifications of every black musician who makes hip hop. Today I introduce you to a musician who's tag line is "I am not a rapper". Meet Florian's Creek. Creek is an artist out of New Jersey and today he has officially dropped his first single titled "SunTrap" with the help of his manager/producer Friendswithbeats. The song serves as a reminder of what it feels like to be ghosted, to have experienced a first love or any love and to not have that love recipricated. Creek questions in the songs hook, "why won't you text me back, it's been three dam days and I still feel like crap". Responding with fantasies of why his love interest has seemingly forgo all communication. Contrary to the songs subject matter the song is constructed with very lighthearted 2000's indie rock/hip hop sound. You almost forget the subject matter of the song.

I've said it before and I will say it again, real music is encompassed in the "up and comer". Not because already established mainstream artist don't care [although most are so far disconnected from the everyday life they just can't relate] but because when you are coming from the bottom the only thing you can speak on is real life experiences. And I feel like Florian's Creek is acting as a spokesperson for the struggles of the young adult. Creek has described the music he makes as a safe space for people who might consider themselves less than popular, for people who might of been just a little bit too awkward growing up. With albums like 808's and Heartbreak by Kanye West and Juice World's entire career that popularizes overtly emotional rap I have no doubts that the music Florian's Creek makes will relate to everyone.

Download "SunTrap" HERE and his demo HERE and stay tuned for more Florian's Creek.

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