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Watch: UK Rapper Joejas Releases Visuals To Track "Escape"

Sitting somewhere between the vocal talents of Teezo Touchdown and the artistry range of Tyler the creator sits Uk rapper JoeJas. Jas has released the visuals to his latest track “Escape”. The song itself was released towards the end of last year as a part of his 2022 tap Gaps and Nomads. It is the latest track from the tape to receive the video treatment. JoeJas previously released visuals to his single LAX.

The song "Escape" serves as an invitation for all the "weirds" and outcasts who may be having a hard time trying to find their place in the world. JoeJas is heavily inspired by Tyler's theme of embracing yourself no matter what the world has to say. That is not the only thing that serves as inspiration, the cinematography of the video just only strengthens Jas's notion of individuality. There is a section of the video where Jas recreates the album cover of The Game's most important album The Documentary. *This might seem random but there is a lyric in the song that plays into this album, you gotta watch the video and catch the lyric. At the end of the video Jas makes it known that if you are struggling to find a home or people that can relate, there is always room for you with "The Gaps and Nomads" I truly believe in what JoeJas is trying to create and this video is just a small part of what he is building. Check out the video below and then steam his latest tape HERE!

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