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Watch: Lucas Santana Releases Video For Song Cloak And Dagger

New York rapper Lucas Santana is working on his pen and it’s evident with the release of the video for his song “Cloak and Dagger” Today marks three weeks since its release. The song was originally released as a single for his latest project ‘Aqua Arm’, which is now streaming. The video finds Santana front and center, giving us a clear unadulterated experience with the lyrics. When writing the song Santana states, “I wanted a song to really go off on and display my capability as a writer.

While also maintaining those other qualities you want in a single. I wanted a song with some replay value where u can pick up on more bars after multiple listens.” Santana models his song as if it was a slasher movie. The beat comes in slow with this menacing guitar chord which invokes the sense characters in slasher movies get when they are being watched. “ The album/song it from has a lot of slasher movie motifs that inspired the general feeling of the project and I wanted this song to feel like a chase scene or a scene where the killer strikes”. The whole album really has this cinematic vibe. Cloak and Dagger, just as the name suggests, really is a track you will have to watch/ listen to multiple times.

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