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Watch: Key does his best Soulja Boy Impression In New Video "Crank Dat'

Atlanta legend and A$AP Mob affiliate Key has had a very productive 2023. Having dropped a number of singles including ‘You Need God‘ He is back with his newest and probably most recognizable single of the year. Key has released the visuals for his single “Crank Dat”. The song and video feature fellow collaborator and East Atlanta native Redd Smash. Although the song is titled ‘Crank Dat’, a clear nod to the generational 2009 hit by (then) Soulja boy tell’em. However, that's just about all the two songs have in common.

The video does feature a few people performing the signature dance, but Key's version of the song is its own entity. Key raps “On a brick road, just like Toto/ I don't tell on my dog, I don't know though/ I don't need anybody I snap and roll/Every second, man, a nigga get a download/ Beat a nigga ass and it goin' viral.” The song itself is a clear reminder of the kind of music Atlanta has been made famous for. Key has been known to be a part of some of the biggest songs to come out of Atlanta, although it may seem that was a long time ago, Key hasn't slowed down on releasing music! Check out the full video for Crank Dat below and let us know what you are thinking!

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