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Watch: Ben Rielly Embraces His Inner “Hero” In New Video Edna(Capes)

The superhero-adjacent rapper Ben Reilly has released the visuals to his new song (Edna (Capes).  A play off of everyone’s favorite superhero fashion designer and style Edna Mode of the 2004 Disney movie “The Incredibles.” What makes this song full circle is the use of metaphorical superheroism used in the song was also used to create the persona of Ben Reilly. (In the comics and real life)

As you can imagine a song whose title is rooted in the concept of saving people is actually about the opposite.“The song's chorus incorporates Edna’s line in the movie about “no capes”. Even though she meant it as a safety hazard Ben sort of echoes it. He minds the business that pays him. “I stay out the way, I can't be part of that/I can't wear no capes/I can't wear no capes/Stayed out the way, got a check-up/Stepped down from ego then stepped up”. Ben’s use of metaphors and double entendres is enough to make any lyricist happy, and if you’re a fan of Disney you’ll get a good smile as well!

Check out the video for Edna(Capes) below and let us know what you think!

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