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Fashion is a bitch. Just when you figured out the latest trends and the latest styles and acquire some pieces, the trend changes and the world is on to the next best thing.

Within the last couple decades there have been countless trends and changes in the fashion world. Everything from crop tops to skinny jeans and man purses. I am not even talking about designers trends, I am talking regular street wear trends. I mean at one point Bapestas were cool and then considered lame and are now cool again. I don’t even want to mention Champion lol. We can all agree that Walmart is no one’s first choice for the latest fashion. So can you tell me why a brand that was sold in Walmart endorsed by the Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

The fashion world is relentless. Seems to be that whatever is considered to be “IN” last but a few moments and then the world is ready for the next best thing. I have noticed that styles and trends do seem to recycle. I mean wind breakers were cool as fuck in the 90’s, not so much the 2000’s but if you are rocking a windbreaker now you are a guaranteed to get a fit off. I am just waiting for Sean Jean and Roc-a-wear to come back into style. The day that happens you can believe Im about to get a fit off.

If you are someone who does not absolutley love fashion or is plugged in to the fashion world there is no way you are keeping up with all the current trends. At best you are a season or two behind. But I am curious to see who loves their clothes.

Comment some of your favorite/worse fashion trends ever.

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