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Do you think rappers are still able to actively trap. Trapping by definition is explain [here]. I am not talking about selling weed because everybody can do that. Weed is legal now, there are some rappers who even own their own distributing plants [pun intended]. When I say trap I mean they are actively present in the hood, in the trenches having a first hand encounter with everything that is incorporated with the sale, distribution of dope. I brought this point up to a couple people this past week, and while the answers were a combination of yes and no, the reasons behind the answers is what I really want to discuss.

When posed with the question on whether rappers can trap and rap the immediate answer is yes. I mean anybody can do it..well not anybody. It takes someone with a particular set of skills and morals but physically anyone can. Let’s be real, hip hop has always thrived on drug dealing and trapping. Most people before they become rappers are usually in the trap and that usually overlaps the life of trying to become a rapper. But how long can they live like that. For better or worse drug dealing and trappin is NOW one of the most solid foundations on starting a hip hop career. I mean the idea of rappers still in the trap is mad plausible simply for the fact is that we all subscribe to the idea that there is authenticity is rapper’s plights. When they rap about selling dope with all the innuendos and metaphors we as fans take that to be authentic. So when the question is asked your first inclination is to say yes, but there is another side of the coin that limits what rappers can actually do.

Fame. I believe fame impedes a rappers ability to continue to be in the hood in that capacity. Fame introduces the rapper to eyes and minds that otherwise would not know who they are; with fame comes the illusion of money. Being in the hood in that capacity is already risky, everyone participating is there looking to make a bag. However, a rapper is seen as a guaranteed bag, the potential [lick] factor has been increased simply off the illusion of money. There should be no reason for someone who is potentially making thousands of dollars to subject themselves to that lifestyle.

It is no secret that rap has glorified trappin. Damn near every song , real or otherwise that comes out has some reverence to it. We have a whole genre created out of trapping. We have plenty of rappers who are labled as [Cocaine Rap]. So the idea is very prevalent in music to the point where it’s like I know at least one of these rappers have tried to do both at the same time but at a point in their career where they did not need too. But we will never know, this at best is just speculation to start a discussion.. If you think rappers can still trap go ahead and comment down below and let me know what you think..

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