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Top 5 Collaborative Tapes

Collaborative projects in Hip Hop are not a new concept, artist have been working with each other since the beginning. However very few times do we get a collaborative album or mixtape that is worth revisiting years down the line. A big problem with having two rappers on one tape is the fear of one of them outshining the other. These rappers are used to having the spotlight but now they must share. Over the last decade we have been given a few tapes that in my opinion have higher replay value. I am going to give you my top five collaborative tapes. I want to stress that these are my opinions if you disagree with my opinions I want you to comment and tell me why. 

5. Huncho Jack (Travis Scott/Quavo)

The reason this comes in at number five is because I consider the tape to be boring. I understand that Travis and Quavo are top tier artist but I really fell like the decided to put all their subpar verses together and release them on a project. Travis is known to give this outer world feeling to his music and Quavo at one time was considered to be the king of melodies. I did not see any of that happening on Huncho Jack. In my opinion both artist could have came at the tape a little harder. I will admit songs like “Saint” and “Saint Laurent Mask” are your typical feels from the respected artist but the majority of the tracks does not compare.


4. Drip Harder (Gunna/Lil Baby)

Before their project came out, both artist were working on solidifying their independent sound. Both artist are products of Young Thug’s influence so it was not surprising for them to be strong contenders in rap. However I don’t think anyone was expecting for them to be able to play so well off each other. The lead single from the tape, “Drip too Hard” is a great example of how well the two sounds compliment each other. Gunna comes in with his melodic flow only to be supported by Lil Baby’s cadance. If you haven’t, I recommend you check-out the project ASAP.


3. Kids See Ghost (Kanye West/Kid Cudi)

In 2018 Kanye West saw to it that he executively produced projects for members of his label G.O.O.D Music. He produced albums for himself, Pusha T, Teyona Taylor and Nas. He also produced KSG for him and Cudi. Fans have never got a full project from Kanye and his protege Cudi, despite wanting one since forever. Let me tell you it does not disappoint. From the production to Ye’s lyrics to Cud’s infamous humming. This project is G.O.O.D. If you have ever considered these artist to be in your favorites and haven’t checked out the tape, I don’t even know what to say to you.


2. What A Time to Be Alive (Drake/Future)

In 2015 Drake and Future were at the top of their game, both coming off of dropping albums for their fans. It was rumored that Drake was looking for an out from Cash Money and was using WATTBA as a project requirement to contribute to his 8 contracted projects. I will admit Future does outshine Drake throughout the entire tape. It’s like the production caters to Future’s sound. He gives us amazing bars and songs like “Live from the Gutter” and “Scholarships” are amazing cuts that showcase Future’s sound. Drake does hold his own, however he does play catch up on most of the tracks. Drake is an amazing artist[I will give him that] and rap is something that he does well, so even on tapes where he is not obvious star, he does find ways to stay relevant to the project. I do not consider myself to be a Drake fan, but WATTBA makes a solid argument for me to change my mind.


1. Watch The Throne (Kanye/Jay-Z)

Kanye was coming off of making the best album of the decade [My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy] and Jay was continuing his legacy as one of the best rappers ever. I really do not think I need to explain why this album is my top 5, if you want to know I suggest you take another listen to it.

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