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The WestCoast Spice Talker Has Something To Say


Photography: Twiss Paper


The "WestCoast Spice Talker" is back with brand new music. Las Vegas rapper Twiss Paper released his newest album titled, The WestCoast Spice Talker earlier this month. The tape is electrifying, Twiss seems to have found his voice which happens to borrow the cadence and flow of Detroit Rap. The tape is 17 songs and each song should be played at the highest volume possible. Twiss released the track titled "Scrappy Doo and "Dexter's Lab" as singles earlier this year. Although every track slaps the stand out tracks on the tape are easily "Aunt Jamima" and "Let's Talk"

Twiss has been very busy this year. Along with dropping some singles this year he released an EP Lethal Spice Talk. It seems "talking spicy" is a theme amongst the rapper's music and for good reason. Twiss is here to prove that he ain't just a regular rapper. He is here to spar with the best of them. Check out the tape below and let me know if you rocking with it!

Notable Track

"Aunt Jamima

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