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The Rage

Over the last couple days it has been bad news bears for Travis Scott, after the mass casualty event at astroworld, he has been unable to book an event, understandable. But the absence of the king of rage might have some people desperate so find something else to rage too. Well dont fret my friends, I am here to give you 10 other songs to rage/mosh too in liue of Travis Scott.

10. Baby Keen "Moshpit"

During what seem to be everybody's discovery of the Las Vegas artist, Moshpit was among the songs that stood out to his fans. The high intensity record is more than enough to satisfy anyones need to find the rage.

9. ASAP Ferg "Shabba"

In a recent interview Ferg stated that Plain Jain was his best song to rage too, I beg to differ. Although the track does serve it』s purpose in contributing to the rage, the beat drops in Shabba are sure to send any crowd into a frenzy.

8. OG Maco "Bitch You Guessed It."

If this list was created back in 2017 then Bitch You Guessed It would have topped the list. OG Maco super aggressive tone and intro to songs acts as a conductor for the rage, contributing to the longevity of the rage. I remember him speaking on how he is angry in his music so his fans dont have to be and I felt that, and I think the audience felt that when that piano cord comes in.

7. Tyler The Creator "Who Dat Boy"

As unlikely as this pick is, listening to the record played live there is a moment at the beginning of the song where its only the beat playing. The audience knows the words are coming, but that moment, the moment of anticipation builds up pressure to tight that when Tyler finally comes in, the audience has no choice but to release the rage..

6. Kendrick Lamar "M.A.A.D City."

This entry is sort of a team project. While the song itself is more to serve as a intellectual conversation on the struggles and tribulations on growing up in a city as rough as Compton, When the assisted ad libs from Schoolboy Q (Yawk Yawk Yawk Yawk) come in, the rage takes over.

5. Lil Pump "Drose"

During the height of the soundcloud era is was not unusual to hear a song that has been overtaken by heavy 808s most people would call that a cheat code. However what puts Drose apart from other soundcloud rap is not even the drums. Its the build up, its just the right amount of anticipation that is released to just what you might expect...bass,

4. Playboi Carti "What"

Again we have another soundcloud rapper that is topping the list. Cartis entry comes in the form of his song what. The song literally says nothing. I believe the word what is repeated almost a hundred times. What makes this song such an amazing song to rage too is the fact the song is heavily supported by Cartis use to compliment the beat with his lack of words.

3. Chief Keef "Faneto"

I really dont have to say anything, if you made it this far into the list then you should know why this specific song is so high on the list.

2. XXXtentacion "Look At Me."

Again another sound cloud rapper topping the list. If I said it once I said it twice. It seems that the golden era of SoundCloud rap has successfully re purpose the meaning of what it means to be a rockstar and its accompanying rage.

1. Sheck Wes "Mo Bamba"

This by far has to be the best song to mosh too. And it comes at no surprise. I mean Travis Scott has to be hands down the best rager to hit the scene, even surpassing his mentors of Kanye West and Kid Cudi, so it should be no surprise that his protege Sheck Wes has the ability to create a work of art that has the equivalent rage capacity as any of Travis Scotts best work.

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