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What was the last nonsense item you purchased? How much did it cost you? Now I want you to imagine that same item and imagine it being endorsed by your favorite rapper or brand. Imagine that endorsing causes the price to increase a couple hundred dollars. Now ask yourself do you still need it? If you are a normal person than your answer is going to be no. However not everyone’s answer is going to be the same. Over the last couple weeks I have been putting together a hypothesis and realized that our culture, has been for the lack of a better work “jugging” the populous. With the recent release of the “Travis Scott meal” from McDonalds and its lack of branding on any of the contents of the meal. I have come to the conclusion that out culture utilizes the “hypebeast nature” to capitalize on certain products that we would otherwise overlook.

t is no secret that brands utilize popularity to move products. Carls Jr. once used Paris Hilton to move burgers, BURGERS! I don’t even think she has ever eaten a burger in her entire life (I am sure she has but for the sake of the think piece lets say she hasn’t). This a dynamic that is created with the sole intention to move product, and many brands take full advantage of the dynamic. One of my favorite quotes spoken by one of my favorite people (Kanye West) embody this very practice.

“Look at Gaga. She’s the creative director of Polaroid. I like some of the Gaga songs. What the f**k does she know about cameras?”

Streetwear brands are no exception. Ever since Supreme gained popularity after rappers and skaters endorsed their products, they have been taking full advantage of their status. Every year Supreme releases a look book for their upcoming store catalog. In this catalog there are accessories that are included. The accessories range from Nunchucks to chopsticks to boxing gloves to a Brick. Yes you heard that right a brick, an ordinary red brick with the word Supreme on the side. Oh and let’s not forget the red dyed Oreos blasted with the Supreme logo. I am going to include as list of some of their branded accessories and their reselling price points. You can see first hand the culture of reselling and hypebeast. But this is just another example of the “HypeBeast Jugg”. I mean unless you actively practice martial arts, what reason does someone need for some nunchucks, I’ll wait…

The actual issue I want to bring to your attention is that a few weeks ago McDonald’s and Travis Scott released information about a collaboration that they had been working on. First collaboration that the good ole Micky D’s has been apart of since famed basketball player Micheal Jordan. They introduced the “Travis Scott Meal” which consisted of a Quarter Pounder with cheese and bacon, medium fries, a Sprite and a BBQ sauce. Now unlike the advertisements for the meal, where there is insinuation that the meal might come with a toy or there is artwork on the bag, there is no branding(except for the receipt). There is nothing regarding the meal to signify that this in fact is an endorsement aside from the advertisement. Personally I thought this was genius. It is a great way for not only Travis Scott to further his superstardom but to also assist McDonalds with more Capitol. I mean there were reports that the franchise was running out of food. Imagine a Micky D’s where not only the ice cream machine is broken but they also ran out of burgers. The marketing team being this was brilliant, simply for the fact that they got people, who probably don’t even eat fast food like that, to buy a McDonalds Quarter Pounder with cheese all because a Travis Scott’s name was attached to the meal.

I want to make it clear, I am not knocking on Travis or Supreme. I went and bought the “Travis Scott Meal” the first day it came out (no I did not say Catcus Jack sent me) and I own a couple of supreme items. The point I was trying to make it that these companies realize that if they were to brand certain items or have certain products being backed by popularity the populous would simply forget the simplicity or how unnecessary the item is and purchase it. And it works , it should not, but out culture thrives on wanting whatever is popular at the moment, thus creating the “HYPEBEAST JUGG.

*that is a real add for the sale of the Supreme Brick for $999.00

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