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Listen: OMNI! Releases new mixtape Billy Bildfold II

Georgia rap collective ONMI! is back with new music. After releasing their project Brody Billfold earlier this year, they are back with its sequel which is rightfully named Brody Billfold II, BBII is a delightful continuation of the group's extravagant rapping style. BBII's predecessor wasnt very long , with only three song the tape totaled out to about 8 minutes. Personally, I believe that was a strong move, seeing as how people now have a shorter attention span. The sequel isn't much longer, again following the blueprint of only being three songs long, the tape is a total of 9 minutes. One more minute of OMNI! greatness.

It's almost a crime to say OMNI's rapping style is reminiscent of an early Odd Future. The truth is that they bring their own style to the game, and if any comparison needs to be made it begins and ends with the fact that OMNI is self-made and operated. OMNI thrives off the fact that they are true artists, which you can tell because the music they make reflects artistry at its finest. Each song on BBII comes across as its own entity but works so well with each other. You can almost hear what it was like in the room when they were coming up with the ideas for the songs and the video. It's really just a group of kids having fun and making music in hopes another group of kids will appreciate the familiarity. The conversation on whether rap groups are dying doesn't mean shit to OMNI, with projects like Brody Billfold I & II it's apparent they are thriving. Check out their newest tape BBII below as well as a video they dropped for the song "Hate It Or Thug It."

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