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Teddy Lindross Doesn't Want You Too Miss A Thing

Words by: Elijah David & Austin Jennings

Photography by Teddy Lindross


August 18th marked the release of New Jersey artist Teddy Lindross's newest single FOMO. Teddy Lindross describes FOMO as a " song that explores the fear of missing out." A feeling Teddy is all-too-familiar with, says his manager, Austin Jennings. Teddy states that, "everyone experiences FOMO at one point or another; this song is my cure for that feeling."

With the song Teddy also releases an accompanying music video where, "Teddy's experiences as a kitchen worker as well as his favorite leisure activities. Whether lying on a boat, or shooting on the green, Teddy can't seem to escape the FOMO lurking beneath the surface.”

When asked about the artist that inspire not only his sound but the general direction of his music Teddy described it as, " tackles the stress and uncertainty of modern life with indie r&b stylings set to smooth lofi alternative rock music." Lindross pulls influences from artist like The Weeknd, Harry Styles, Charlie Puth, Justin Timberlake and Mac DeMarco.

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