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TAKE45 Is Having Too Much Fun

Words by EAZY

Photo From Instagram


As of lately more and more talent seems to be coming out of California. With the recent release of California's reigning king Kendrick Lamar's album it seems more west coast artist are able to grab the spotlight. Coming out of SD, rapper Take45 is ready for his turn with the recent release of his EP Boy On Mars II. The EP is 7 song long with no other contributing verses. Of his release there has been visuals for a few of the songs including the single, "TOOYOUNG" and "Sturdy" the latter of which has been featured in thousands of videos on Tik Tok. Take45's track "TOOYOUNG" is an amazing mixture of an upbeat, happy sound, with your occasional bass knocks that is increasingly becoming popular amongst the new age of rap with lyrics that are are about as relatable as you can get .

Now Take45 hasn't been making music that long, in fact the his first single, "Landing" was made available on streaming services back in 2019. Since then he has released a few singles as well as his first tape Boy on Mars I. The future is bright for Tay45, with Tik Tok at his disposal I can image that we are going to hear the name Take45 a lot more.. Check out the video for "TOOYOUNG" below and check out Boy On Mars II here.

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