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So I was wanting to expand on some of the topics I discuss on this platform. Most of y’all don’t know this but I am a HUGE fan of comics, like a big fan. I never really got into comics as a kid, it was not really until I saw Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in Ironman (2008) were I started to become a fan of comics. I still have not really read too many comic books, I conduct most of my research through movies and having people read comics to me online.

In the time since discovering comics I have realized that Spiderman is my favorite hero. I really fuck with the fact that he is as acrobatic as he is and the fact that he gets around by swinging on web, I don’t know why that appeals to be it just does. I have noticed that most people favor different heroes for different reasons, even the same heroes for different reasons, so this makes me curious.

Who is your

favorite superhero

and why?

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