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– Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, “why are strip clubs so enticing?” I mean, outside the fact that it showcases the female form. Have you ever stopped to take a deeper look  into the politics of strip clubs and why men and women like them so much? I have, and because I have nothing better do to I think I’ve come to a conclusion as to why these businesses are booming.. Of course sex sells, that it no secret, but I believe strip clubs sell something else that may be a little more important. 

As some of you know or may not know or don’t care, I’ve been to my fair share of strip clubs as a younger man. I was going strictly to see naked women. I’m not going to lie to you. I had no game when I was younger, I had to pay for it. I think when men go for the first time , especially as younger men, they are just going to see the women naked. For the older man, I am convinced that the need to see these women naked has been surpassed many years ago. I believe one of the reasons men visit strip clubs is for a sense of power. One of the stigmas about going to strip clubs is to “make it rain”. The term “make it rain” is the act of throwing large amounts of money in the air and watching the money fall down on the floor, usually over someone. There are hundreds of rap songs that demonstrate the act of making it rain. This is the main principle of strip club etiquette.

Men love power and money is power hence being able to throw large amounts of money in the strip club for no real return value is essentially one of the biggest flexes ever. Whether you make a lot of money or you don’t, the ability to throw money in the club makes a man feel powerful, it does not matter if you have it or you don’t. It is no secret that the more money men spend the more attention the men receive from the women. Another stigma of strip clubs is that the women who work there are untouchable. They are just outside of reach of the everyday man. So to be able to visit these places and spend money and the women suddenly seem achievable is a fantasy that every man has. This idea of fantasy works both ways, for men and women, but I will touch on that later.

A few months back some friends and I went to a strip club. It of course was free to get in, if you’ve been keeping up with my writings then you know I am a broke boi. My friend however, is not and we were able to enjoy everything the club offered. We had bottles and was ordering food and he was ordering drinks for the dancers. WE WERE THEM NIGGAS IN THE CLUB. I am not a very sociable person, I tend to not like to meet new people, but that night I felt like the fucking MAN. All these women, who in real life, would show me no attention at all were suddenly interested in what kind of music I listened to, etc. They seemed generally interested in my life, and that’s what power (money) will do in a place like that. I even had a couple of them follow me on the gram, (which you should do if you haven’t already). I even went to lengths as to develop a slight crush on one of the strippers, this of course was way before I had a family of my own.

When you visit the strip club, you can pretty much tell the experience level of the people who are sitting in the audience. You can pretty much tell who is there for their first time, who is there to blow a bag or who is a regular for whatever reason. I can tell and I am sitting in the audience, the women who are on stage have developed a keen eye to be able to see who is there for what. And they are able to use that to their advantage. Like a hunter locked on to its prey they have been developed to utilize certain tactics to cash out. Women have since learned that the men are susceptible to what they say and do. Maybe not on a large scale, sadly we gotta do better as men, but in the strip club it is the women who has the true power. They are able to dissect a man’s mind and be able to use his insecurities to honestly benefit both of them, the man is able to live out a fantasy, and the women are able to create a living for themselves. This is a skill that is unmatched.

Women have the true power in the strip club, they are able to conceal it in a way men think they have true power. That should tell you all you need to know about why strip clubs are so enticing to both men and women. Men go to receive this probably false sense of power and importance and women know its an easy bag. Knowing this information is not going to stop any man, least of all me from going and making it rain like Florida in July… in little spurts.

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