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Squid Game Netflix's most popular show with 111M Streams.

Have you seen Squid Game Yet? If not then you are in the minority. It seems that Squid Game is the most popular show to come off Netflix and for good reason. Netflix reported that the titular titled has now been deemed as the most streamed tv show since the introduction of steaming content. As of now Squid Game has amassed over 111M streams. The record was previously held by Bridgerton which streamed about 63M. It is also speculated to be the most popular costume of the Halloween season. Can't wait to see people abuse that costume like they did the Purge costumes.

Squid Game is a show centered on giving people a second chance. The contestants of the game are all approached as the are experiencing some sort of financial issue which then the promise of financial redemption is used as bait to attract contestants and employees alike. All the contestants have to do is make sure they are the winner of about 4 challenges. Seems easy right, however they are not told that these games are the childhood games of the person hosting the challenges and the games are to the death. The show really explores what people are willing to do when they seem to not have any other options. The show is in Korean, so if you do not speak or understand Korean you will to either have to watch it with the subtitles on or dubbed in English, which is not that fun.

The show is a really good watch and sort of refreshing, since it is not everyday I am intrigued by a show in a different language. I recommend making time to binge every episode, you will not be disappointed.

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