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Renz drops album "Keep It Goin"

"They tried to lock me in/ I broke out that box..." is a line from the opening track of Bakersfield rapper Renz's newest album, "Keep It Goin".


Keep It Goin works as a blueprint for Renz's career. The album is 11 songs long and Renz tapped audio engineer Nate to mix most of the album. There are only four features on the tape, Bakersfield's own Marathon cuddi, Tommy Bako, Breymac, and Nuuch. All of them seamlessly bring their own style to the tape. Renz is only 23 years old and has been rapping for six years and feels like he is finally being recognized. "I’ve been rapping for six years and now people are starting to catch on. I’ve always had my main supporters but when I started seeing the love outta state and people who have a different sound really fw me for who I was and really HEARIN my story on these songs and being able to relate to me was the main reason for me to keep it going." And you can feel that on this tape, the opening track is entitled, "Starstruck" and it's about as good as an opening track as you can ask for. This song, as well as the next couple of songs lay the foundation for the tape. Renz speaks a little about his upbringing in his city and the work that he has been putting in. "I am the heart of the field and you can't say I'm not". It's hard to not agree with him. It's been said that for someone to be considered "the face" of their city or one of the top artists is that you have to show your city love and it's hard to not hear how much Bakersfield has shaped the artist. The first few songs act as the introduction. The audience is intruduced to Renz and a little but of his story. The music acts like the beginning of a movie, it's Act I. And it's not until track 4 (Act II) that the tone of the tape transitions from him proving he deserves to be in this space to showing you that he is exactly where he needs to be.

EZ Flow introduces us to Act II, followed by Stockton Flow, Skilla Flow, and On The Road. All of which have an accompanying video on YouTube. Most times in a film, Act II introduces us to the climax. This is the part of the movie audiences witness the growth of the protagonist. The audience witnesses whatever power or special skill the protagonist has acquired to not only face a new threat but help them get overcome any old threats. It's not that much different with Renz and his album. All the "Flow" tracks demonstrates Renz's skill. Even with the beats, they are picked specifically to compliment his flow and lyrics. At this point Renz is a little more comfortable and really in his bag. "We just steadily put work in and continue to work hard and try and perfect our craft and sound speaking on behalf of me and my team. Free Nuuch as well we had many talks about our work ethic and how far we have come, even Marathon Cuddi. It’s just we’ve come so far and put our all into this." And with this, we close out Act II

The last few songs make up Act III and house the most unique songs on the tape. One of the things Renz makes a point to say is that he is forever working on growing as an artist and that translates to sometimes trying something new with his music. "When it feels like we ain’t got nun left we just keep that shit going man no cap, hard work, and dedication and trying to be different every song and try to maximize our sound to the best of our abilities that’s one thing I always preached was to be yourself people gone love you for you and always try to be different than the last song." Renz's track "Widdit" ft Breymac is one of the stand-out tracks of the tape simply for the flow and delivery and beat choice. Breymac also does a great job holding in on and providing a great verse. Renz does a great job rounding out the end of the tape in a way that demonstrates he is always continuously working on bettering himself and his craft.

Someone once said that for an artist to be considered one of the best in their city they have to support their city. Whether it's tapping another local artist for a verse or a beat, keeping the mixing in-house, or even hiring a local videographer to shoot music videos, Renz does his best to support his fellow artist. In turn, he has risen to be one of the staple artists in Bakersfield. "Keep it Goin" acts as the perfect testament to Renz's career. The tape hasn't been out but for a week and Renz is already back in the studio working on the next project. I would advise keeping him locked in, it's the beginning of his career and he has more to say. Stream "Keep It Goin" below and let him know what you think about the tape.

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