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Rapper Daviid doubles as a French Teacher In Song "Oui"

Daviid is biding his time and making sure that the music he releases is his best. 2022 marks the first streamable release of the Montgomery County, Maryland native Daviid. "OUI" [2022] is a perfect example of the infectious punk/rap sound that seems to be at the top of everyone's genre list.Daviid cites, "being a perfectionist with my music and always competing with myself in order to make something better than the last" as the reason he puts so much of himself into his music. At the point of Inception for "Oui" Daviid returns to what helps him most when writing," songs tend to be a mix of my experiences and me talking my shit". "OUI" is accompanied by a music video that magnifies Daviid's talent as a writer and artist. " Shot entirely on a vintage camcorder, Daviid makes sure to keep a certain aesthetic about the video.

More recently Daviid has released the single "Let Her Go", which only helps solidify that Daviid has certainly grown confident with today's punk/rock sound. At only 19 years old Daviid has seemingly found his way into an industry that is otherwise difficult to break into. He is at the start of his career and has already put in motion plans to give his fans (old/new) a completed full length project. But if what we have seen so far is any testament to Daviid's work, he will be around for a very long time. Watch the video for "Oui" below and steam his other track "Let He Go" as well.

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