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R3VRAY Releases His Album Trials and Tribulations

Bakersfield rapper @r3vray has released his highly anticipated album Trials and Tribulations. The album covers the last five years of R3vray’s life and is filled with all the pain, love and growth in his life. Trials and tribulations is 12 songs long and features other artist such as Rocc and Valeririi. It also includes his hit single cash flip.

This album touches and love and pain in a way that really will have you thinking about all the things you have going on in your life and will reinforce the ideas that you can really overcome anything you want to. The album is filled with really high highs and low lows. #r3vway does a very good job at not only showcasing his versatility, but giving his fans and listeners a really well rounded tape. If you haven’t streamed Trials and Tribulations yet I suggest you hit the link in his bio to check it out.

Also releasing on KILJOY’s YouTube channel tomorrow is an interview with the artist about his album to give you a more in depth look at the making of the album and what it took for R3V to put it all together!

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