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PlanetLoveTour releases new song "On My Way"

Words: Elijah David

Photography: PlanetLoveTour


Rap super group PlanetLoveTour just released their newest single, "On My Way". The song features verses from group members Andre Hando, CUI Jones and Brittainee B. Teased early in the week, the song gives fans something a little different than they are use to hearing. "On My Way" fits perfectly within the aftobeat genre. Actually it fits so perfectly that when you listen to the song you have no choice but to give it more than just a head nod. Dont be surprised if you bust out in a full dance routine. Now I am sure they did not intend this to be a dance song, but the way group members: Andro Hando, CUI Jones and Brittainee B easy assimilate into the beat it's hard to believe that afrobeats is not a regular thing for the group.

Now the last time we seen the group they were performing at the "4 Da Loved Ones" event in downtown LA. Their last single "LMK" was released back in 2021 along with their tape Off Indiana. The group has been working hard this past year and "On My Way" is evident to that. Check out the song SPOTIFY or APPLE MUSIC and let me know what you think!

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