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PASS THE AUX: ME+L "Yosemite"

*PASS THE AUX is a music playlist curated by KILJOY magazine for your listening pleasure. At the end of every month these songs are put into a playlist for your listening needs.

Tik Tok has successfully taken Soundcloud's roll as the newest platform to break in any up and coming artist. With more and more artist seemingly finding an audience for their music by either pairing it with a video or following the age old formula or highlighting the most infectious part of the music, its easy to find a genuine artist an mix up their art for a gimmick. In recent years New York artist ME+L has been overtly referred to "what Micheal Jackson would sound like if he made drill music". This title took social media by storm when the artist released the song "Outside". Was impossible to scroll your timeline without seeing someone referencing the meme. The Queens artist has been quiet over the last couple years with 2021 the last year there was any music released, but in recent months he has released a couple of new singles including what brings us here today, "Yosemite".

As mentioned early most of ME+L's music is reminiscent of the king of pop if we was alive and decided to make a drill record. When asked his outlook out the public given gimmick he responded with, "Honestly it was a little weird cause it made me as an artist feel gimmicky, especially when I put in so much hours into my craft, but at the same time I gained a lot of supporters that reassured me that my music was more than the catchy headlines. Which definitely kept me going and wanting more" Well his fans defiantly want more..the record seems to be performing well and we are all hoping that this is the beginning of receiving a full length project from the rapper. Check out the video for Yosemite bellow and let us know what you think of the song?

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