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Songs You Need In Your Life: Groovy Druuu "Over You"

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It's here! It's finally here! Bay Area rapper Groovy Druuu has finally released new music. Teased a few weeks ago, Groovy has finally released the full version to his new song "Over You" Not only has it been two years since Druuu has given us any music, his project Take A Risk dropped in July of 2021, the song is a departure of what we know about the Bay Area rapper. Take a Risk was a project that demonstrated an artist navigating the waters of his craft, working with different elements to make music that suited him and where he was at in his career. "Over You" is a song by an artist that has been practicing career development and has grown as an artist. Druuu comes in super melodic, almost singing. He speaks on the decline of a past love and how he has grown past it. He opens up the song with " I'm so over you/what am I suppose to do/with all these bands in my hand..." Then he goes on to talk about what his love interest lost by fumbling him. In a way it's sort of a reverse love song, instead of professing love for someone, he is declaring that the love has been lost and is returning to the grind. Something that everyone has been able to relate to one way or another. Druuu has released the song on Apple Music and Spotify and is working on releasing an official lyric video. With the release of "Over You" I am positive that fans are hoping to see a lot more music from the Northern Californian. Stream Over you below as well as Take A Risk.

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