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PASS THE AUX: Airplane James "What I'm Into"

*PASS THE AUX is a music playlist curated by KILJOY magazine for your listening pleasure. At the end of every month these songs are put into a playlist for your listening needs.

East La Rapper and Diamond Lane affiliate Airplane James has released his greatly anticipated full length EP, Still Hurt. Executively produced by Bryant “Fastlane” Lawson, Still Hurts is the follow up to James’s previous project Lowkey Hurt, released last April. James is expected to finish off the “Hurt" Trilogy soon.

Still Hurt spans a total of 8 songs coming in at just under 20 minutes, real short and sweet. The EP features artist, Rose Gold, Kay Franklin, Jayson Cash, and Griff Tyler most of which James has collaborated with before. James has recently released the video for one of the leading singles “What I’m Into” ft Rose Gold! The song is the perfect mixture of melody and rhythm.

Check out the video for “What I’m Into” as well as stream Still Hurt. Don’t forget to subscribe to KILJOY’s Pass The Aux playlist on Spotify for your daily musical plugs!

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