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Popps Ain't With The 'CAP'

Words: E.Z.

Photography: Emilio Pasamante

Although it's in the middle of the summer, this can be said about anytime of the year. Hats have always been the staple of any fit. It transcends functionality, a good hat can say a lot about a person. From trucker hats, to new era fitted caps, the hat is the most important accessory to an outfit. We spoke to Emilio better known as p0ppshots, our resident hat expert on the importance of a good hat.


What's the most important part of a fit?

Hats are more important than a T-Shirt.

Explain that, because most people wouldn't agree.

There’s nothing to explain on that, My hats always came first to tees and at some point hats became more important than shoes to me.

There are plenty of different style hats: truckers, fitted, snapbacks. How does someone go about choosing the right hat or better yet does it matter?

Couldn’t wear a corduroy in the summer or a trucker in the winter personally. You can wear almost any hat with any fit tho. As long as you can pull it off and make it look good.

How would you rank the different styles of hats, your favorite to least favorite?

I have nothing I wouldn’t wear, my main collection is sports specialties, along with a solid nike set, some polo, and a handful of random but unique snapbacks, dad hats, some OG tweed and wool newsboy style hats of course some 'preme' hats. And with that I think the list is in order with my explanation!

Personally, truckers take the cake.

I know you love them truckers! Off top

In your opinion how does one go about picking out what style of hat is right for them?

I don’t think I can answer that honestly! It’s just style bro, you got it or you don’t.

Thats the perfect answer.

And if you want style, you gonna kick it and talk to me and learn. Not just me necessarily but people that have a steeze. I’ve always had my own style.

I completely agree, you have to just know what works and what doesn't. thats the things about hats, it's a certain look.

..My hat is important

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