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Noble is Getting Back To The Basics with "22"

Last Friday Singer Noble released the highly anticipated single "22". What makes this record so special is the fact that it's been close to ten months since the singer released any new music. Back in July of last year, Noble released "Running Out of Love". Running Out of Love did receive the video treatment that was directed by the multi-faceted singer. 22 is a step away from the typical sound Noble usually adopts. The song takes the melodic cues most rap songs have today. The chorus plays with this repetitive yet advancing flow that artists like Gunna and Lil Baby have been made famous for. I spoke with the singer to get a better gauge on what it was like stepping back into the studio and releasing 22 after such a long hiatus.

KILJOY- How long has it been since you last dropped?

Noble- Last time I dropped a brand new song was last July.

KILJOY- And that was running out of love correct?

Noble- Yeah, & that was the first song I’ve ever had placed on an official Apple Music playlist actually.

KILJOY- Yea we are going to get into that at a later time that's big news tho!, Did the hiatus force you to have to relearn anything about music making or releasing?

Noble- That aspect actually surprised me cause it was the longest break I’ve taken since I started making music, but I feel like all the hours I’ve put in have made music pretty natural to me.

KILJOY- Who produced the track?

Noble- Mirooww.

KILJOY- "22" has more of a "Hip Hop" feel to it than your past songs.. what was the writing/recording process like creating this song as well as any inspirations?

Noble- Honestly this is the kind of music I used to make back when I was around the age of 22 so I had a lot of fun making this record & I think it translates to the record, it was inspired by a turning point of my musical career to me being in a better mind-state to make “happier” music.

KILJOY- That's dope! And yea I really like this sound! is "22" just a loosie or is it part of a bigger project?

Noble- Honestly I view it as the warm up for what’s coming, so it’s a loosie that I’m using as a teaser.

KILJOY- I'm excited to see what you have planned for the future.

Noble- Of course, appreciate you fr!

We are hopeful and waiting for when Noble decides to release the first single for whatever future project he is releasing! In the meantime stream 22 below!

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