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Bakersfield has a rather large music scene, with Rap being the dominate music genre it’s easy to overlook other artist in the city. One artist who happens to be a long standing talent has just released an Ep that’s been in the works for quite some time. Singer Niki LaVaughn is back with her Ep “I Should’ve Cheated”. Coming in at about 7 song Niki has given her fans just under 20 minutes of new music. Having released the first single “Why Me” back in 2021 and the follow up single “Trap Niggas” last year, which was accompanied by a music video it made me wonder why the long hiatus between the first single and the release of the tape. Well I reached out and spoke with Niki LaVaughn about her career in the city and the release of her EP “I should’ve Cheated”. Check out what we spoke about below!

KILJOY- I listened to the tape and it’s pretty heavy. The title is "I should've Cheated" what inspired the name of the tape?

Niki- Awe thank you 🙏🏾✨I Honestly, the name came from me realizing that I was to loyal to a person that wasn’t loyal to me. But I promise I’m not a cheater.

KILJOY- How long have you been working on the EP?

Niki- Some songs have been in the vault since 2018. But I’ve been working on it for about 4 years.

KILJOY- That’s a long time, how does it feel that it’s finally out for the world to hear?

Niki- I feel relieved/excited . I was so nervous about it but I finally did it!

KILJOY- It’s good music, when recording the music, did you have to do something different for this tape? Is that why it took so long?

Niki- When I started writing my project in 2018 , I promised myself that I wanted to live and experience life more . I wanted to tell a story, So that’s what I did.

KILJOY- You did a really great job! Is there a specific song you want people to resonate with or pay just a little more attention too?

NIKI- I would have too say my single “Why Me”.

KILJOY- Why? And is that your personal favorite?

NIki- I have a few. But “Why Me” is special because it helps raise awareness for domestic violence. I know a lot of people can relate to that.

KILJOY- Yea a lot of people are going to gravitate to that song. Are you working on any new music at the moment or you just enjoying your release now?

Niki- I actually have a pt.2 E.P coming out in a few months ✨.

KILJOY- Do you already have a name for it ?

Niki - I don’t yet but just know it’s gonna be epic!

KILJOY- I’m already knowing!!!! Thanks for speaking with me.

Niki- Awe thank you . I appreciate you 🙏🏾✨.

"I Should've Cheated" is a story that everyone has lived through once, giving yourself to someone only to find out that they were never committed. It's a hard to realize and an even harder thing to tell people. But Niki has materialized her experiences into her music in hopes that someone else going through this will find solace in her music. Check out I Should've Cheated Below and let her know how you feel about the EP!

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