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New Music From Ye?

Last night it was reported that Kanye West is in the process of releasing a new album. He held a listening party in Las Vegas that was attended by Kevin Durant and the host of the podcast “Respectfully”, Justin Laboy. It was reported that the name of the album could either be WestDayEver or Donda, with the latter teased as being the name. Donda has been teased as a possible album for some years now. The album artwork was created by Louise Bourgeois.

The last album we received from Kanye West was Jesus Is King. We received this album in the height of an essential rebrand. West was steering away from what he declared as a secular life. He started Sunday Service, a weekly worship group, he stopped using profanity in his music and he created religious merchandise with the promise of starting his own church. West was always a God fearing man but with this last album he really was engulfing himself into this religious character. Most people speculated the rebrand was due to an album rollout. It is not uncommon for rappers to play into a character that is based off the sound of their upcoming album/tape. However this next album does not give me the vibe that it will follow in the footsteps of Jesus Is King.

With Donda there have not been any singles or even as much as any leaks. Just a sneak we received this morning from his listening party last night. Most of his fans( including me) are really walking in blind to his new album. I have to admit I don’t think I have been this excited for anyone else’s album. Admitingly it’s because no other artist has the impact Kanye does with every single album. I am happy that there is only a week separating life as we know it now and a new Kanye West album.

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