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PASS THE AUX: Katori Walker “ Don’t Tell My Momma

Today on “Music you Missed” -formerly known as F%#@ The Algorithm- we bring you westcoast artist Katori Walker. Katori has recently dropped the visuals for his song "Don't Tell My Momma". Katori is currently on a run that has him dropping  tracks on a weekly basis. Fans are hoping that this is a part of a bigger rollout for a full length project. These drops are similar to how Kanye West releases a track every friday known asr Good Friday until his 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy dropped. "Dont Tell my Momma" is #10 in the series.  Currently Katori is on his 12th drop, "Pardon My Grip".

Check out the video for "Don't Tell My Momma" below as well as the other music you "Music You Missed Today" Playlist

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