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PASS THE AUX: Kaisha's song "Imagination"

*F%#@ The Algorithm is a music playlist curated by KILJOY magazine for your listening pleasure. At the end of every month these songs are put into a playlist for your listening needs.

Today on the music you missed we bring you Malaysian singer Kaisha. Kaisha spent the end of 2022 releasing music and project for her fans. Most recently in November, she released a small EP of only 2 songs titled, Hard To Please. Check it out if you haven't. But what brings us here today is a song that was released about five months ago.

Back in November, Kaisha lent her talents and voice to record the song "Imagination" for producer Misha and his curated album Nocturnal. "Imagination" is a wonderfully soulful song with a beautiful base ling and piano cord that complement Kaisha's voice almost perfectly. The song is paired with probably one of the best music videos I've seen in a while. Directed by Mitch Hall, the whole concept of the song is the use of imagination and the role it plays within love and the video perfectly conveys that use of imagination


With 2023 just starting there is no telling what we are going to get from the artist, but I can guarantee one thing, we will be there when she next releases.

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