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Meechy Darko Tries To "Get Lit or Die Trying"

Words E.Z.

Photography: Meechy Darko


Meechy Darko is back with his second single from his first solo album Gothic Luxury which is due August 26. The title of the single is "Get Lit or Die Trying" and as you can expect the song delivers in "meechy" fashion. A very dark gritty "grungy" feel yet hiphop at the same time.

Meechy has been pretty silent as of late when it comes to releasing music. Aside from him releasing his debut solo single last week and a few features from the group last year we haven't heard any music from him since the group's EP "Now More Than Ever". I think people are going to be happy that he is releasing his solo tape now. Although the group as a whole is a force, Meechy has been revered as being one of the most standout act is the group. Check out the video below and be on the look out for Gothic Luxury.

Stand Out Lyrics:

"Girl, I ain't just anybody, 12 o'clock on Kawasakis

Usually I'm drunk, fucked up, off that Henny probably

Gat tucked, might catch a body

Last nigga tried to rob me, swear to God, can't even find him

Get lit or die tryin' "

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