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Listen To The California Anthem "Ride"

It's been a busy year for multi talented artist K.Fings. He has religiously recorded and released episodes of his podcast (A Truckers Mind) he's been working behind the camera directing and making commercials and occasionally blessing the city with a few singles, one of which we here at KILJOY think you need to hear.

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K.fings opens up his newest single "Ride" with the line, “now welcome everybody to the Wild Wild West” a sign to the obvious homage that this song gives to the classic west coast sound. “Ride” features fellow artist Michon and is really a roadmap to the California lifestyle. If you’re a native to California "Ride" serves as a ride down memory lane. K.fings talks about palm trees, watching the Lakers play at the Staple Center (formerly called), being told that LA is dangerous place and having to understanding how to move. He mentions Golden State and name drops Barry bonds. He mentions all the California landmarks we witnessed growing up here. And If you’re not from California the song acts as a window into a life that is always fantasized about.

K.fings has successfully mixed that classic Californian sound that artist like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Tupac were popularized for with the more modern sound that artist like Blxst and Bino are popularized for. Ride is a really dope record that in all honestly IS the embodiment of the West Coast. Kfings. Doesn't have a full length project available for streaming but Im hoping that with this recent release, we might be getting something soon. Listen to the song below and let me know what you think about the record. ALSO CHECK OUT THE F%#@ ALGORITHM PLAYLIST!

Notable Lyrics

We can hit the coast till the sun up

Throw it up, hold it up

Four fingers up

Two twisted in the middle

With the thumb cuffed.

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