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Listen to Teddy Lindross' Song "I Nevr Lern" (Exbox)

South Jersey artist Teddy Lindross will do anything to impress his date, even if that includes selling his Xbox in order to afford dinner. This is the story Teddy Lindross unfolds on his newest indie pop single "I Nevr Lern" (ExBox). It's been a while since we've heard from the Jersey artist, with his last single released in 2022. I Nevr Lern (Exbox) entails of a man willing to do anything to impress his girlfriend all for it to end up a feeble attempt. "I wanted to take my girlfriend out to a fancy dinner but I didn’t have any money,” Teddy explains “I ended up selling my Xbox on Facebook marketplace before we went to the restaurant.” And all though this is a romantic gesture that would swoon the hearts of many, it doesn't end up the way he thought it would.

“I overestimated how much an Xbox was worth and I ended up not having enough money for the tip, the whole thing was really embarrassing, she ended up leaving me.” But on a more positive note, Teddy's use of Metaphors and Double Entendtre based on the ever-so-popular gaming systems Xbox and PlayStation is enough to satisfy any song goers needs. Teddy is gearing up to release the music video for "I Nevr Lern" (Exbox) on the 25th, but until then, the song is straining on all major platforms including the KILJOYplaylist on Spotify. Check out the song below and let us know what you think!

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