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Listen to Joe Maynor’s new song “GWM”

Joe Maynor is back with what I would call an early contender for song of the summer but summer is still a few months away and Joe is known for droppin bops. Joe Maynor has just released GWM (Grow With Me.) featuring Yung Reece. Almost immediately the beat infects you with that head bop thing you do when the beat is catchy! Joe and Reece’s flow is super compatible. Both artist slide in an out of the track, trading melodies back and forth. Joe has never had any issues with picking people that compliment his already super melodic flow.

As I said before Joe has been working, only a few months into 2023 he has already released a few singles including his most recent one "A Mood" as well as teased plans on releasing future full length projects! Smart move would be to tap in with what Joe and the team at HVR have planned for the year! Listen to GWM below!

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