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Listen to "How to Get Back" By New York Artist Yoshi T

One of the best things about new music from an artist you are not familiar with is the first listen. The first time you hear the opening track, the comparisons start coming in, "who does this artist sound like" the thing about the artists that will stand the test of time is their ability to stand on their own and that is exactly what Japanese-American New Yorker newcomer Yoshi T accomplishes. The east coast artist artist has recently released his newest EP, "How To Get Back". The tape is a quick 12 minutes long stretched between 5 songs. There is only one feature of the tape, Cisco Swank. The two artist have notoriously went back and forth on features.

"How To Get Back is lead by its single F*ck Taste, which received the video treatment and currently sits at about 55k views on YouTube. A few weeks ago Yoshi released the video for Why Wait. As I said a true artist can withstand the test of time by carving out a lane of their own, most times they start out with comparisons and if you are need a little motivation to check out Yoshi T, its been said that the rapper has similarities with Mac Miller later in his career. "How To Get Back is a tape that uniquely fuses the current atmosphere of independent Hip Hop, Pop and R&B in a way that leaves this feeling of enrichment within the listener.

Check out the EP HERE as well as the accompanying videos HERE. Yoshi T is only at the beginning of his career. With an output like this its exciting to see where the rest of his career will take him.

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