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Listen to Heart and Crown, the latest album from artist Baby Cande

Pain is such an interesting concept, it can be used to destroy as well as create. That exactly what Baby Cande did, he chose to create off his pain with the hopes it helps someone else. Heart and Crown, released on June 10th, is the latest studio album from the Bakersfield rapper. The tape touches on lost, mental health and overcoming impossible odds. Its lead by the lead single One Way that is accompanied by a "One Shot" Promo video recorded by Bakersfield's very own DrewShotYa.

Baby Cande was born in Visalia but moved to Bakersfield shortly after. From a young age he has always been involved with music, whether it was listening or trying to recreate what he was listening too, music was in his future and he was going to make sure that was his path.. " I could argue it's always been music. I have been writing lyrics since I was 14 just over YouTube instrumentals and even performing at school or where ever I could get the opportunity.  I’ve spent a lot of this life simply trying to figure out who I am. I tried college and other routes just to make my family happy and I realized that wasn’t the answer. I realized they were happy as long as I did what made me happy and that’s when I decided to go ten toes into music and it shows.

Heart and Crown is not only another physical manifestation of pain its also shows growth. Baby Cande has worked hard to elevate and break himself out of the proverbial "Rapper" box. "I think this year I realized I didn’t want to box myself in as a “rapper”. This is the first project I was able to use vocals on and sing. Thanks to Aye Nate he showed me there was more to me I wasn’t hearing. I was also exposed to rave culture by a good friend and if you know anything about rave culture it’s all love and support exactly what I needed to mend my grieving heart I’m hooked on the concept and community.

Heart and Crown is a beautiful mix of pain and growth. Its meant to act as a beacon for those who are going through a hard time but its also there to show you that there is some thing beautiful to look forward too on the other side! Check out Heart and Crown below and let us know what you are thinking!

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