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Listen to "Facility" by StressGods

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"Facility" is the lastest single released by Atlanta duo StressGods. Having just released singles, "Fee Fi Fo" and "Dopamine" StressGods have kept very busy 2022 despite not dropping a full length project since 2020, "Stress Release" facility is produced by long time collaborator Romano, who has worked with the group on a number of their releases. The single is paired with a video directed by DNA who has also directed videos or been apart of video shoots for other Atlanta artists.

'Facility' keeps with the groups theme of "medicine and healthcare." Similar to how doctors treat their patients with medicine, StressGods use their music and talent to heal the culture. With Romano’s productions 'Facility' is a perfect example of how a duo with two opposing forces can work so well together to create something so harmonic. StressGods easily walk over the beat and their vocals flow in and out so smoothly. With this recent release of 'Facility' lets hope that a full-length project is on the way.

Notable Lyrics

"energy out of line/

chakras all out of wack/

spirit down bad bad bad/

we gone come handle that".

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