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Listen to Blessed Freestyle by CherryRaps

*F%#@ The Algorithm is a music playlist curated by KILJOY magazine for your listening pleasure. At the end of every month these songs are put into a playlist for your listening needs.

CherryRaps is the latest artist to be featured on our "F%#@ The Algorithm" playlist with her track "Blessed Freestyle". Coming from Chicago via Las Vegas Cherryraps has given the world one of the hardest freestyles this year. Rapped over Glorilla’s track “Blessed, Cherryraps keeps the same tone of the original. Not surprising though, considering she comes from Chicago. Cherry starts the song off with the iconic line but with a little added flare, “He got 99 problems but this dope the problem solver” and continues to let off bar after bar after bar.

What’s great about this track and this artist is that we are living in a time where women are finding their voice in a male-dominated industry, and not just that they’re kind of taking over. With newer artists like Glorilla and Manelo (who just freestyles over Chief Keef's “Faneto”, who not only play at their sexuality they’re able to give you gangsta shit. Cherryraps Is just another example that the tide is changing, More and more women are being introduced to us on a mainstream level and they are giving us quality music, real gangster shit. Check out "Blessed Freestyle" by CherryRaps below and be sure to check out the full "F%#@ The Algorithm" playlist updated on a monthly basis

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