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Listen: Baltimore Rapper Mylez Danielz releases electro/rap song "Just Watch"

Baltimore has proven itself to be a force in the Hip-Hop sub genre labeled "Club Music". Not to be confused with music made for the club like Migos's "Freak No More" Baltimore Club music or Bmore Club can be identified as Hip-Hop's take on House and Electronic music. The genre has risen to be a mainstay of the region reflected by its homegrown artist adopting the signature style for their own use. Baltimore rapper Mylez Danielz has released his contribution to the subgenre with his latest single "Just Watch." What's different about the track is that it adopts elements of the electronic synths Bmore Club uses as well as holds on the classic take on traditional Hip-Hop.

Mylez Danielz is coming off of a two-year hiatus, with the last song he put out being 'What's My Age Again'. Danielz describes the hiatus as a time for self reflection, stating "I went back to the drawing board and started producing, learning the ins and outs of beat making. The intention was to become a more self-sufficient artist. During that time between 2021 and now I really began experimenting with different sounds and that's how I came up with the beat for "Just Watch" I wanted the song to have a somewhat simple sound with the intention of making a dance record. I felt it was important to try something new because I never wanna put myself in a box musically, I can do it all." 'Just Watch' is a perfect amalgamation of Electro and Hip-Hop, so much so that you can either ride around in your car bleeding your speakers or create the next viral Tik Tok dance trend. Peep 'Just Watch' below and let us know what you think!

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