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Life After COVID-19

As of June 15th Covid 19 is a thing of the past. Not really but California has announced their intent to ease up on the mandatory mask regulations and mandates. This news comes weeks after, concerts and outdoor activities have announced their plan to resume normalcy. As the world enters their first summer post pandemic the populous is looking forward to returning to the outside world. As a journalist I feel like it’s my duty to hit the streets and find out what people are looking forward to doing now that the mandated mask order has been lifted.

What’s one thing you have planned for this summer now that the world is opening back up?

Personally, renting a beach house with some friends up north. Business wise, moving into manufacturing

I’m going to New Orleans!!!

trips. many many trips. day trips. night trips. going out. socializing surprisingly. being comfortable around other people.

hopefully a concert if i can afford one with these inflated prices

Mmm I’m hype to peep the new concerts man and give mfs full dap

Traveling, going back to concerts and parties

Besides taking trips, the pandemic made me miss small things like going to the movie theater and theme parks. So, I’m looking forward to watching a movie in an actual theater this summer.

It seems that people are not wasting any time with celebrating life. They have resumed going to bars, they are planning trips and they are fellowshipping with their friends. I know I can’t wait to resume my personal plan of attending as many festivals as I can. If you feel the need to share please comment what your plans are for life post Coronavirus.

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