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Lance Jay is feeling like Royalty

Written by @ElijahxDavid

Photography off video

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"I dont need no new friends I just need better days" should be one of the few hood commandments, if it's not already one. Bakersfield rapper and That Life Records artist Lance Jay has been working like he is running out of time or something, having just released a video a little over a week ago. Well this week he has returned to give the streets the video for his song "Royalty". The video is directed by Drewshotya, who seems to be the hardest working videographer in Bakersfield at the moment. The song is a little over two minutes long, with no real chorus, it's all verse. Produced by Royalty is a perfect blend of what sounds like trumpets with enough bass to satisfy any speaker you might have in your car.

Lance gets straight to business, starting off the song claiming that all he needs is loyalty and that he's been up next. He pretty much keeps this tone the whole song. With lines like, "I'm the realest n****** in it /let you have it but its rented/ now I'm back to claim my winnings" its hard to not feel inspired by the song. Lance has been putting in work at a rate that says he is about to release something big. Whatever that is, you can bet money that KILJOY will make sure to keep you in the loop. Watch the video for "Royalty" bellow and steam Lance Jay's music here.

Notable lines

No next day shipping but

I'm here like you ordered me

I still need it all

Man I feel like you shorted me.

Man I'm still in that Benz

And I'm still running plays

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