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In the ever-expanding landscape of music, hip-hop has undeniably become a mainstream juggernaut, its influence seeping into every corner of the industry. While this saturation may seem overwhelming, it paradoxically creates an incredible opportunity for music enthusiasts to dive into the underground and unearth the hidden gems. In the midst of the noise, up-and-coming hip-hop artists are crafting their distinctive sounds and narratives, often pushing boundaries and defying conventions. It's precisely this era of saturation that invites us to explore the raw talent and unique perspectives of these emerging artists, here are 5 songs from up and coming rappers that you need to hear!


12kGotti - "Showmanship"

"12K Gotti is a marksman from Cleveland Ohio. With plans to takeover the rap game with cutting edge story telling and aggressive non fictional raps due to pain and suffering, he doesnt seem to be letting up anytime soon. Still and somehow he's able to maintain his versatility and paint pictures about his experiences with females and even stretching his vocals to be melodic as well at times. His projects Sincerely Your Loss (EP), Gotti World Vol. 1 (Mixtape) and Lovers Anonymous (EP) are all depictions of these exact details used to describe his unique styles as a MC. With early cosigns from Tierra Whack, Kevin Durant, Larry June, MIKE and more the godbody lyricist needs no help with his approach. As he plans on maintaining his position and working his way up until he's mentioned with the greats."

- Spotify

Los Kemet - "Barter 7 "

"LOS KEMET, aka LOS, is an artist out of the deep southern city of Jackson, Mississippi. He's resided in big cities such as Chicago, Memphis, Atlanta, and now in Austin, TX. The mash up and variety of sounds he carries gives a great depiction of where he's been, where he is, and where he's going. New Soul or Seeds Of The South is what he prefers to call it. He boasts or simply floats familiar flows and creates his own over a course of, probably any type of beat or instrumental. All in his great effort to show "The south got sum' to say!"

- Spotify

Mudigro - "UH HUH"

Mudrigo, whose real name is Rah’Meik Bowman, began his musical journey where many greats have before him – Soundcloud – Mudrigo’s freestyles ignited a buzz in his hometown. Histalent caught the attention of local promoters, who landed him a slot opening up for fellow South Jersey artist Mir Fontaine. His slick 2021 debut, “Hood” accrued 1 million views on YouTube and 500k streams on the single itself. "

- Notion

Nevi - "Ain't Nobody"

"Hailing from Royse City, Texas, 19-year-old Nevi is changing the game. As his peers navigated teenage trials, Nevi released game-changing tracks. His single "Invoice" didn’t just chart—it claimed Soundcloud's #1 spot. But he didn't stop. In 2021, his debut "onourown" hit the scene, enhanced by collabs with stars like Kyle and Luh Kel. A proud first-gen Mexican American, Nevi merges his heritage with his music, going beyond vocals to mastering production, songwriting, and engineering. His recent EP, "genesis", reflects his sonic evolution. In Nevi's realm, every song has a soul and every beat echoes realness. Dive in and experience the future of music with Nevi."

- Spotify

Benjamin Earl Turner - "HeadSpace"

"Benjamin Earl Turner is a recording artist, writer, and actor from Antioch, CA.

He's on the journey, and makes music for yours. Enjoy."

- Spotify

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