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Is Hip Hop Too White?

Is Hip Hop Too White?

It’s no secret that Pop Culture and WHITE AMERIKKKA is heavily influenced by Hip Hop which is also known as Black Culture. Over the last decade there has been an upward flux of white rappers and white rap fans. So much so that hip hop is no longer seen as exclusively black, oh no.. hip hop culture has become a diverse multifaceted giant.

A decade ago there was maybe three notable main stream white artist *obviously exaggerating ..shoutout to Macklemore* that anyone could name on a given day, most notable being Eminem and Mack Miller. Today in 2021 that number has done nothing less then tripled and has been doing so for the last couple years. Any white kid who has garnished enough buzz and social media attention is almost expected to start a rap career after.

However contrary to where you think this conversation is going, I do believe there are some exceptions to these negative outlooks on white rappers. We have seen people like Macklemore and Iggy Azalea come into the game and are almost immediately criticized for taking part in a culture that was not there own. While on the other side of that white coin we have acts like Post Malone, Jack Harlow, the late GREAT Mac Miller, etc who seem to not have any issues being Caucasian in a Black Man’s world. And it is this conundrum alone that warrants two questions.

1. Is the increase of the White rap fan changing what hip hop means?

2. Why do we accept certain White rappers but reject others?

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