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I Want to Create Nostalgia

There is a quote that I live by, I don't remember who exactly said it but it's something that I have kept close to me forever. The quote states that "Every human being has genius level just have to find what it is that you are great at and tap into it." During my journey of creative expression I have met other human beings that are also finding their genius level talent.

[ In walks Mad Faxx]

I first met Mad Faxx born Devonte Urquhart during a seasonal position at what was once known department store Sears. We seemed to be the only black guys that worked at sears during that holiday and we somehow found our way to working in the same department. This had to have been around 2014. Naturally we found solidarity being the only black dudes that worked at Sears we quickly became friends. However it was not until 6 years later that I would come to find out that my former co worker had genius level talent.

Mad Faxx is a 28 year old Bakersfield native who has taken on the task of providing nostalgia for his community. If you are unfamiliar with his art, he specializes in bringing worlds together through collages and multidimensional graphics. Not only that he has found that he also has a talent for writing and turning those words into poems recited over beats. When asked how he views himself and his art Mad Faxx responded just as you would expect, ``I would describe it as unapologetic art that comes in many forms. I can bring my message through graphic art, through music ,through writing. Diversity is key.``

As interesting as it is to hear about someone navigating the world of being a creative there is this need to understand where the love for art derived from and how that shaped the world of a child. Faxx has been drawing since the age of 9, which does have a familiar ring since most kids tap into their artistic urges at a young age. What was unusual about that urge is that is sprouted dreams of becoming a cartoonist. Since then his vision has evolved to a point where in five years Mad Faxx plans on seeing himself `` with my own brand that delivers all forms of art. film, music, graphic design, fashion, maybe even dance. I want to create nostalgia. My type...create a sound, create a slang, create a style. I want to be remembered forever`` I am sure every artist dreams this dream but very few see it to the end. I without a doubt can say that I will see Mad Faxx achieve those dreams and much more.

To check out his insanely creative art check out his instagram @_maddFaxx.

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