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Before The Hype: Porsh Bet$

On one of my many deep dives through Youtube I came across a current favorite artist of mine, Porsh Bet$. He is a 21 year old native of Harlem, New York. His video for "Peanut Butter" is what drew me in and is song "Handle" is what kept me there. The visuals were stunning, how they accompanied the story telling of the song is an art form that I think has been lost. I had to listen to more, so after about a few days I came to realize that I actually fuck with Bet$ and the sound he brings to an overly populated genre.

In an era where everything is fast paced and 808 heavy, Bet$ slows things down with his melodic sound and speaks to you on a more personal level. His music gives me the same vibe as listening to "I want to be a Billionaire" for the first time, it brings this sense of NEW. His music reminds you of the honeymoon stage from the first time you fell in love, or when you first explored the world outside of your culdisac. There is this sense of wonderment and innocence he portrays in his music. He recently dropped an EP entitled I Use to Think Forever.

The EP is 6 songs long and has an accompanying video for most of the song. If you are in the market for new music I highly recommend tuning in before he blows up, which is inevitable. I am giving you the chance to be someone that can say, "Yea I been known about Porsh Bet$"

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